Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Signily Keyboard App?

Open Android’s settings by going to Settings > Language and input > Language and tap “Default”. Select “American Sign Language: Signily Keyboard” and select “Add Keyboards”.

Android Installation

How do I find "Upload" after clicking the orange "Save" button?

Tap on “Save” and you will see a pop-up message telling you to go to your camera roll to attach your message.

How do I find "Attach file" after saving the image?

Tap on an attachment icon and select “Attach file”.

Will the handshapes and GIFs use up all the storage on my device?

Since you are required to save and upload, this will use up some storage on your device. This is a currently a technical limitation within Android APIs.

Will it work on Facebook, Glide, or any other social network?

Currently, you can use Signily via Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts. Any social network will work as long as they allow the copy/paste feature.

Facebook does not allow anyone to upload animated GIFs via status or comments at the moment. We predict Facebook will eventually bring back this feature because animated GIFs are getting more popular nowadays! Glide has the similar limitations and we hope they will add this important feature in the near future.

However, Twitter allows you to upload it as an attachment and you will see the animation.

How do I know what I am typing?

The first layer is in a QWERTY setting which means you will be able to know what letters you are typing. Be sure to swipe the keyboard to your left for more keys. This also applies to the English version inside Signily.

Learn more about what each key represents:

Why cannot the keyboard auto-insert the handshape(s) into my messages?

This is a currently a technical limitation within Android APIs; therefore, save and upload is the best alternative for the time being.

Do you plan to sell my data?

No, absolutely not! Any data we collect is to communicate directly with you or to enhance your user experience as we release updates.

Why does your privacy policy say you collect device information?

In order to diagnose any errors or app crashes, Signily is able to detect the type of device and version of Android that was running at the time. We cannot see anything that directly identifies YOU. We cannot see the address, unique device identified, IMEI or phone number.

Anything else that Signily has access is always with your consent.

Why are there two text fields?

We worked around Android’s limitations which require only English or any recognized written language.

Because emoji are GIF-based, we added another text field so you can compose your message in ASL fully without sending one GIF at a time.

The first text field is for you to type in emoji while the second one above allows you to send the final message. See image below:


What is classic 25?

The classic way to sign “25” is using handshapes “L” and “5”.

What is classic D?

The classic way to fingerspell the letter “D” is to use only the middle finger on the thumb with the index finger staying up.

How do I allow profanity?

Open the Signily app and click “My Preferences” then you will be able to turn on the profanity toggle or leave it disabled.


Why does it cost 99 cents?

All proceeds will go directly to the emoji project where we can develop official sign language emoji into Unicode. At the moment, it costs $1,500 yearly for ASLized as a nonprofit organization to become an associate member of the Unicode Consortium.

Current Compatibility:

Facebook Messenger
Google Hangouts